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Rental Equipment for Occasional Use

Dealerships that specialize in the sale of new and used large equipment typically have a rental fleet available as well. Equipment is expensive and not all types are needed on a regular basis. Lifts are a perfect example. Utility, construction, roofing, lighting, and other companies across industries only require lifts for specific projects.

Renting Over Buying
It makes no sense to purchase specialty equipment for occasional use. The initial cost is huge, plus extra storage, maintenance, and taxes will also have to be paid. Tying up all that capital lowers company profits and effects the ability to compete. Bids will be higher to cover overhead, the business will be worth more on paper than in reality, and insurance premiums are paid on equipment that does not get a lot of use.

Boom lift rental, on the other hand, is temporary, requires no storage, costs much less, and is considered a business expense. That means it is tax deductible. Most rentals include an experienced operator, which…